Pn.-Pt 8.00-17.00
Sob. 8.00-15.00
Ul.Strażacka 39b
04-462 Warszawa
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Auto-Kasacja Stacja Demontażu Pojazdów W-11

(W-11 Vehicle Scrapping Facility) was established in 1991.

The company’s core business is scrapping and recycling of scrapped vehicles and trading in used parts.

Used parts on offer come from scrapped vehicles or are imported from Germany.

The parts are sold through a retail outlet on the company’s premises and through an on-line store. The company's premises accommodate extensive warehouse where parts disassembled from vehicles of various makes are stored. The yard usually accommodates several dozen vehicles, which can be used as a source of any parts the customer may require. Specialised computer system available in all warehouses allows for checking the availability of a specific part.

Our qualified team of car mechanics can advise the customers on the spot, by telephone or by email on any problems the customers may have.


ul. Strażacka 39b
04-462 Warszawa

Geographical position:
N 52°15.552'
E 021°07.379'


Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 7 pm (CET)
Saturday: 8 am to 3 pm (CET)


022 673 54 04

main office, information on scrapping vehicles 32; 33
Transport department 37
Waste handling department 30
Accounting 31
Vehicle parts retail sales
upholstery, headlights, radiators, electronic components 35; 36
Engines, transmission systems 39; 40
windscreens, chassis components 42; 48
Retail sales of parts for vehicles produced in former member countries of The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (former Soviet allies)
Chassis components, windscreens, upholstery, electrical components 46
transmission systems, engines, suspension 47





When travelling from Śródmieście, Wola, Ochota, drive along these streets:
Trasa Łazienkowska, Ostrobramska, Marsa, Chełmżyńska, Strażacka

When travelling from Bródno, Żoliborz, Targówek, drive along these streets:
Grot-Rowecki bridge, Kondratowicza, Młodzieńcza, Łodygowa, Piłsudskiego (Ząbki), Chełmżyńska, Strażacka

Despite the fact the following route is the shortest one, we do not recommend driving from Targówek along Naczelnikowska, Zabraniecka, Gwarków and Strażacka streets, due to very bad paving at the end section of Gwarków street.

When travelling from Wawer, Anin and Otwock, drive along these streets:
Kaczeńca, Łysakowska, Rekrucka, Żołnierska, Strażacka

When travelling from Wesoła, Sulejówek, drive along theses streets:
Cyrulików, Wieczorkiewicza, Strażacka.

We can be reached by city bus number 145 both from Bródno and Grochów (Wiatraczna Roundabout)

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